Rice Dispenser

Model : MM



Equipped with function for checking amount of cooked rice remaining

  • Remaining cooked rice level is displayed on panel. It’s not necessary
    to open and close the lid to check it.

Great at maintaining temperature and moisture levels.

  • Good temperature maintenance thanks to heating on all sides of hopper, including lid. Greater moisture retention thanks to improved tightness
    of the supply unit.

13 sanitation parts.

  • Easy disassembly and assembly allows for easy cleaning and good hygiene.
Production capacity / cooked rice 200g / approx. three seconds
Power source / Single-phase 100V
Electric consumption / 500W
Weight / approx. 53kg
Dimensions for installation / W380 x D575 x H620
(The height when lid is being opened is 1,070)
Hopper capacity / cooked rice approx. 10kg
Serve specifications / 50~1,000g
(Maximum weight of a container is 1kg)
Detachable parts / 13 parts