Onigiri Making Machine

SG-3300 Line


Increased productivity

  • Production speed is 10% higher than the conventional shaping machine.
    You can add toppings such as two different kinds of filling or larger, solid
    filling ingredients. There is also an adjustable press, so product firmness
    can be varied. (Single press method is the industry’s fastest.)

Easier to clean

  • Sanitation parts are smaller and lighter than before, so cleaning has become even easier.
Production capacity / 3,300 pieces / hour
Power source / three-phase 200V
Electric consumption / 1.3kw
Weight / approx. 1,100kg
Dimensions for installation / W3,730 x D1,076 x H1,748
Maximum height when reversing the lift
(When the standard cooked rice tray specification) approx. 2,200
※ Machine width varies space depending on specifications.
(Number of topping space)
Hopper capacity / cooked rice approx. 15kg