Maki Roll Cutter

Model MC3



Perfect cut! Very safe mini type

Production capacity /
Futo-maki, Chu-maki Maximum approx. 550 rolls / hour
Hoso-maki Maximum approx. 1,100 rolls / hour
(When two rolls is cut at same time)
※On the assumption that Maki-sushi is supplied in 2 seconds and taken in 2
Seconds.(Including the return time of set plate)
Power source / Single-phase 100~240V
Electric consumption / 40W
Weight / approx. 17kg
Dimensions for installation / W376 x D350 x H380
Remark / Thickness [ Hoso-maki 25mm・Chu-maki 36mm・Futo-maki 46mm]
Length [180~210mm]