iMaki: Maki Roll Robot

Model : UME



The creation of uramaki (inside-out sushi rolls), which we once relied on craftsmen for, is now mechanized!

  • One switch allows alternation between uramaki and regular rolls, while one button adjusts between thick, medium and thin rolls. Product data can be set for nine kinds of uramaki and nine kinds of regular maki can be set.

A perfect sheet of sushi rice.

  • A spiral HOGUSHI with a sharp-edged cut means that air is incorporated, leading to a perfect rice sheet that is not sticky or compacted.
Production capacity /
inside out sushi 250rolls / hour (Hoso-maki)
traditional sushi 300rolls / hour (Hoso-maki)
Power source / Single-phase AC 100V / UMJ
                                                    AC 200~240V / UME
Electric Consumption / 110W
Weight / approx. 55kg
Dimensions / W360 x D580 x H650
Hopper capacity / cooked rice approx. 9kg