Pasta Machine

Model MPC-2500


Fresh pasta can be produced from flour in only a few minutes!
What is more, the quintessential pasta texture is achieved.

  • The best thing about fresh pasta is above all its chewy texture. High quality noodles can be produced in very little time and space. The unique chewy texture is also enough to denote high-quality fresh pasta.

Vacuum mixer produces excellent results worth boasting about.

  • By mixing in a vacuum state (optional), the bubbles in the flour are
    removed and the moisture is thoroughly mixed into the flour.
    A uniform dough can therefore be made in a short time.

Smooth or rough textured noodles can both be made as desired.

  • Dies are made from brass and Teflon, enabling rough noodles that sauce mixes easily with or smooth noodles as desired.
    Boiling time is around one and a half minutes for both thin and wide noodles.
Production capacity / MAX 75 meals / hour  
※When use the φ1.9 die(Including mixing time)
※Production quantity differ depending on a die
Power source / Single-phase 100V
Electric consumption / 800W (Without vacuum) 900W (With vacuum)
Weight / approx. 100kg
Dimensions for installation / W450 x D650 x H530 (Without vacuum)
/ W450 x D650 x H780 (With vacuum)
Hopper (mixing) capacity / approx. 2kg
[Water supply direct connection specifications] Water supply tap-water (3L / min)
Nominal diameter 15A (RC1/2) Drainage. Drainage hose (φ6)3m
[Feed water pump specifications] Water supply and drainage are unnecessary (With tank)